Ms. Sophia Bekele Eshete is a widely acknowledged business leader, corporate executive, international entrepreneur, expert in global policy and corporate governance, technology and development issues, whose wide-ranging experience spans both the public and private sectors She is also an investor and a philanthropist.

She is a recipient of the 2018 Champion of Development Award from AfricaLink Solidarity Awards in Switzerland for her pioneering women-in-tech Miss.Africa Digital seed-fund initiative. Similarly, in 2017 the ITU and UN Women has recognized her as the Miss.Africa Digital was named finalist by the Equals in Tech Awards. In the same year the CIO East Africa magazine named her ‘Industry Trailblazer’ and ‘Internet Governance Pioneer’. She was also named ‘one of two top leading women in Africa’s ICT sector’ and an ‘African Women to Watch’ by Bloomberg TV recognizing fearless, competitive and visionary African women of our time, and in 2013, was named as one of the ‘50 African Trailblazers – A Future Made in Africa’ by the UK’s New African magazine. In the past, she was presented with a Paul Harris Fellow award for her contributions in the various works of International Rotary Clubs.

Sophia Bekele on Panel EurAfrican Forum 2018

Bekele is invited to speak on her work at many local and international conferences as well as to deliver keynote speeches and moderate high-level panels on wide range of topics including business, technology and internet, women, and doing business in Africa. She is a frequent published commentator on industry and political media, on current affairs issues of technology, Internet and good governance, business and cyber – security.

She has served on various senior-level policy advisory & leadership boards at national and international levels including the United Nations and ICANN where her work has made positive impact on the implementation of key public policies on technology. She was also a past board director of SF ISACA chapter and a founding Board Member of ISOC – San Francisco.