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Sophia has extensive travel around the world. She has taken six (6) "Around-the-World trips" between 1998 to 2009 crossing over four to five Continents at a time. She says it is a life altering experience and one she will do again given time. "I traveled on my own in every country, exploring mosaic of cultures and dozens of languages, people and lifestyles.There are thousands of pictures I took and DVDs I have made on my journey, some of the stories I have shared on my personal blog below. I partnered with Star-Alliance Airline Network and Starwood Hotels to have this amazing and blessed experience!."

While at University and early in her career, she took on Professional Modeling as a hobby. "Modeling thought me not to take myself too seriously as well as not to take NO for an answer. This, in contrast from the very serious responsibilities of being an IT Auditor in my professional career. The two experiences jointly thought me balance and perspective on people, issues and lifestyles which has allowed me to be open minded in the way I approach life, yet I am grounded and persistent towards my causes."

SF Opening of Opera

A modeling shoot at maiden lane in San Francisco