Ms. Sophia Bekele Eshete is a business and corporate executive, an International entrepreneur, corporate governance & risk management specialist, international policy advisor on ICT, internet and development issues, and ICT & governance activist and a philanthropist.

She has maintained a successful career track record spanning over a decade of constant professional activity working for multinational Fortune 500 Companies and transnational business ownership /operation in the field of IT and Corporate Governance. More>

Ms. Bekele holds an MBA from Golden Gate University San Francisco, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer & Information Systems from San Francisco State University. She is a certified CISA, CCS and CGEIT for competent knowledge & proficiency in the field of Audit, Security & governance of IS. She is also a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow.

Writing: (most popular) CircleID: A 'FIFA-Mafia type' organization of systematic corruption does not emerge. ICANN should not be trusted by Congress to regulate itself

Only proper regulation by an independent agency with full Congressional mandate will ensure that a 'FIFA-Mafia type' organization of systematic corruption does not emerge.…More>

Bekele's efforts have been widely recognized in the global media, having gained reputation from many quarters as, "Trailblazer, Women to Watch, Fearless, Competitive and Visionary women of our time, Women working hard to close the gender gap & shaping the continent’s social, political and economic landscape, Representative Entrepreneur, Mover & Shaker of Africa, Woman-in-Charge, Achieving Woman, a Well-Educated Entrepreneur, Generational Thinker, Africa's Champion for the Digital Age, a Charismatic & Telegenic Entrepreneur, Global Telecom Policy Leader", to name a few. ..

Ms Bekele’s work has been covered constantly in the media since the time she started her entrepreneurship. Her Companies have made great impact  More>

bekele bioSophia Bekele is arguably one of Global Technology and Internet Authority, and is frequently quoted in the global media. Having studied and worked in the most technology vibrant State, in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley California, with Blue Chip organizations, then as an Entrepreneur with successful projects, this daughter of Africa (Ethiopia) has made great impact in the Technology and the Business World.

A women with a future and a past, Sophia is well known in the Global ICT and Internet Society in her efforts to bridge the digital divide. With a long history of advocacy for private sector participation in the development agenda for emerging economies & Africa, and defining the role of governments through education as well as holding them to high standards of accountability and transparency,

Bekele has set consecutive records publicly challenging policies, rules and authorities that set them, and won. To her credit, this interest in ensuring higher ideals, underlining justice, transparency, accountability, probity and issues of illegality, in all of these are a matter of public record....More>


Panel Speaker: Bekele speaks on "Building digital competencies to benefit from existing and emerging technologies, with a special focus on gender and youth dimensions." at the 21st session of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD), hosted by UNCTAD at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 15th May 2018

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