Date Media Headline
May 2016 #ELLE101: #WomenInBusiness Twitter Chat with Sophia Bekele May 06
Jan 2016 Quantum Global Bolstering Thought Leadership Initiative
Jan 2016 Sophia Bekele: Connecting Africa, Inspiring Youth
Dec 2015 Quantum Global Advisory Board hosts Symposium of Female Entrepreneurism in Africa
Oct 2015 “The Market Has No Morality” Sophia Bekele Speaks on Business Ethics and Accountability
July 2015 African tech entrepreneurs building bridges with Silicon Valley
July 2015 Ethiopian Born Entrepreneur Sophia Bekele Wins .Africa Domain Name Accountability Suit Against ICANN
July 2015 Sophia Bekele: AU Declaration on Internet Governance (IG) needs more participation, infringes on national sovereignty
June 2015 Global Economy Desperately Needs Better Steering on Gender Balance
May 2015 Berkeley Haas 2015 Africa Business Forum
May 2015 Top ICT DIVA Sophia Bekele Trendsets at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, heralding “Mobile technology is the future of the internet”
May 2015 eLearning Africa leapfrogs the shackles of convention
May 2015 Africa: The Next Frontier For Mobile Technology
May 2015 African leaders need to “leapfrog the shackles of convention” experts say
April 2015 2015 edition of e-Learning Conference returns to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mar 2015 Paris UNESCO: Sophia Bekele Speaks on Access Divide & Applauds #InternetStudy
Dec 2014 From International IT Auditor to Global Entrepreneur Sophia Bekele
Oct 2014 THE SCOOP with Salim Amin: In Conversation with Sophia Bekele Eshete
Oct 2014 Africa, get ready for the scoop! From entertainment superstars like Akon and Jude Law, to entrepreneurs Sophia Bekele and Kris Senanu, business mogul Dr Manu Chandaria, Jeff Koinange
Jun 2014 Sophia Bekele aka AddisHilton, gives The SCOOP on her story of Balancing Life & Work and how Change is Controversial
May 2014 New York Forum AFRICA 2014: Bekele Moderates a High Level Panel on US/Africa
May 2014 New York Forum AFRICA 2014: NYFA TV: Interview with SOPHIA BEKELE
April 2014 ITU’s Girl’s ICT day 24 April 2014.: Global Economy Desperately Needs Better Steering on Gender Balance
April 2014 Sophia Bekele named “Top 20 Inspirational African Diaspora Women Professionals in Europe” by (ADIPWE)
Feb 2014 Sophia Bekele: The AUCC debate on CyberSecurity needs to involve all stakeholders
Nov 2013 Bloomberg TV Features Sophia Bekele Founder and CEO of CBS International and DotConnectAfrica as,”African Women to Watch”
May 2013 New African Collector’s Edition names Sophia Bekele amongst 50 Trailblazers under 50 – A future Made in Africa
May 2013 Ethiopian Women Unleashed : Sophia Bekele Eshete
April 2013 An Ethiopian woman fighting for .africa, a new generic Top-Level Domain
Nov 2012 DotConnectAfrica speaks out on the .dotafrica in an Exclusive Interview
April 2012 Influential Ethiopian Women – 2011/2012
Mar 2012 Governments have no role in managing gTLDs
Mar 2012 New gTLD News: Connecting a Continent with .Africa
Dec 2011 Scramble for ‘dot africa’ internet domain name
Nov 2011 Yes to .AFRICA Lanched by DotConnectAfrica
Nov 2011 DotConnectAfrica expresses commitment to work with African ccTLDs
Jun 2011 Sophia Bekele, Dot Connect Africa’s start up success
Jun 2011 Domain names take centre stage as ICANN meeting hits homestretch
Jun 2011 With a domain name, Africa has opportunity to e-brand itself
May 2011 Ethiopian Champion of the .Africa initiative
Mar 2011 Upper Reach UK Cover DotConnectAfrica
Oct 2011 The Munich Conference on New TLDs, How to successfully build a community around your TLD
Dec 2010 CONNECTING AFRICA – Towards a Digital Africa, naming her Brains behind .Africa , Page 44
Dec 2010 Internet News
Oct 2010 Achieving Women : Connecting Africa to the World Web
Sep 2010 Can “Africa” get a make-over?
Sep 2010 Dot Africa campaign to brand continent
Sep 2010 Regional ICT summit attracts a galaxy of speakers
Aug 2010 Africa domain attracts interest
Aug 2010 Kenya IGF discusses IPV6, IXPs
Jun 2010 “First International E-governance conference” Tripoli, Libya
Jun 2010 Celebrating the fibre revolution
May 2010 Uniting Africa through IT
Mar 2010 Search on for African domain
Mar 2010 African Businesses Hope to see Boost from Internet Advances
Mar 2010 Announcing the birth of the dot.africa generation
Dec 2009 DotConnectAfrica Preparing to Launch .Africa
Nov 2009 Africa may soon get its own top-level Internet domain
Feb 2008 Woman who makes true changes in the world — a real Powerhouse.
Sep 2007 In a world of .com and .org, why not .Africa?
Oct 2007 Branding Africa with a new domain
Nov 2007 Coverage of SBCNet Projects
Aug 2001 Coverage of CBS Projects