Bekele makes public affairs commentary on technology for development, internet governance, regional economic integration, good governance, business and politics that have been published in different media


Sophia Bekele on cyber security

Selected Works

  • Eight Year Legal Battle: DCA blocked from being heard on its merit.(More)
  • AddisFortune: Not coming to Ethiopia to Invest (More)
  • CircleID: Why African Telecom Union Proposal Should be Rejected (More)
  • The Hill: ICANN is already under foreign government influence: the proof is in the pudding (More)
  • The Hill: Would internet transition have an impact on current US election? (More)
  • The Hill: Fixing what is not broken: November 2016 Elections will determine fate of Internet Privatization (More)
  • Fadi’s Resignation, Sepp Blatter’s Resignation – Others Should Consider Resigning as Well… (More)
  • “No Legal Basis for IANA Transition”: A Post-Mortem Analysis of Senate Committee Hearing (More)
  • ICANN Should Not Ululate Over “Booking.com” IRP Outcome: Decision Exposes Failure of Accountability (More)
  • ICANN Africa Strategy – A View from the Inside (More)
  • Congress Will Oversight ICANN: And You Can Take That to the Bank (More)
  • Call for ICANN to Educate and Not Mislead GAC (More)
  • Thank You GNSO – From the SHE.africa (More)
  • From Wikileaks of 2012 to Edward Snowden’s NSA Leaks of 2013:Implications for Global Internet Governance (More)
  • Emerging Cyber-Security Threats and Implications for the Private Sector (More)
  • Open Letter to Congress in Defense of the Status Quo on Global Internet Governance Model (More)
  • The Empire Fights Back! (More)
  • 2012 The year of the new gTLD program and the Year to Support ICANN (More)
  • “Role of Private Sector in Africa’s Digital Inclusion”, Regional Integration & Success Stories, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (More)
  • “Not only a Vision – A Common Vision”, (More)
  • “Privacy vs. Free Flow of Ideas” (More)
  • “A Cornerstone of Democracy: Good Governance”(More)
  • Free flow of ideas – a cornerstone for democracy (More)
  • “Share Dealing Group v s Stock Exchange”, on standards of financial discipline. (More)

Bekele’s work in Africa, noted as  a representative entrepreneur, is profiled in this book below: “Africa: Continent of Economic Opportunity”, published 2nd November 2006. 

 The New Times BOOK REVIEW February 11, 2007 By Mwiti Marete, Kigali, Rwanda

Reviews…Continent of Economic Opportunity David Fick’s “Africa: Continent of Economic Opportunity” reads like a “Who is Who” list of hard-nosed African entrepreneurs who have fished in life’s dustbins and weathered the elements with astounding results.

“Each story captures the spirit behind these successes and highlights how they are not only creating countless job opportunities in 53 African countries but also bringing immeasurable improvement to the quality of life in African communities”.