Awards and Recognitions

Happy IWD23 to all the ladies out there! Sophia Bekele

2023-mar-08, Read Web Version

DCA e-commerce Initiative was Nominated for the Bolds Award in Venice, Italy.
Happy New Year, 2023!

“10 Most Powerful Women Leaders in Business to Follow, 2023” READ the full article   

DotConnectAfrica (DCA), named as the "Best Digital Education in Africa".
100 Most Influential African Women

100 Most Influential African Women list in 2022 by the Leading African PR & Rating firm, Avance Media Africa.. READ the full article

2021 Women Of Influence Award

For the WOI Award, she added: ‘Real “Influence” carries value-based leadership’. READ the full article

Message on International Women’s Day

Listen to the insightful message from our Founder Ms. Sophia Bekele, Read our International women’s day newsletter at