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Bekele’s work has been covered constantly in the media, since the time she started her entrepreneurship. Her Companies have made great impact in technology transfer.


“All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”          —Brian Tracy

Her Companies have made great impact in technology transfer, from the U.S. to Africa and the project she handles are large scale in implementation, and international bids that have significant impact at a national and inter-continental level. Therefore, Bekele is constantly in the news being asked to give her views and opinions on her businesses and the activities she is involved in, which has been to the interest of the general public.

June 2021A woman of influence: Sophia Bekele
June 2021Sophia Bekele was honored with the CEO Today Africa Awards.
July 2020Power Panel at DCA WebForum voice their thoughts on impact of COVID-19 SME Financing in Africa
July 2019New regulations to allow diaspora Ethiopians to invest in financial services sector
May 2019Ethiopians in diaspora allowed to invest in banking, insurance sectors after a precedence setting court victory in 2017 by Sophia Bekele
July 2018Ms. Sophia Bekele, Founder and CEO of DotConnectAfrica Group, was honoured with 2018 Africa Link Champion of Development Award for her initiative Miss.Africa Digital Initiative
July 2018Portugal: Eurafrican Forum to promote”trust” between Europe and Africa
July 2018África e Europa analisam futuras parcerias institucionais e empresariais
May 2018Digital skills are not optional in today’s tech savvy world
March 2018

1ª Edição ‘EurAfrican Forum 2018’

EURAFRICAN FORUM _“Crafting Coalitions for Change”

Dec. 2017Comment: Legal Issues regarding the NBE Guideline on Diaspora-Owned Shares in Banks on [PDF]
Dec. 2017Up&Ap: Sophia Bekele on Miss.Africa Digital, a finalist in ITU’s ‘Equals in Tech Awards’
Dec. 2017Diaspora Snatches Shares Back from Central Banks’ Clutches
Dec. 2017Sophia Bekele vs. NBE Thumbs up for Sophia Bekele! Court Rules Against Central Bank Over Diaspora Shares Auction
Dec. 2017Thumbs up for Sophia Bekele! Court Rules Against Central Bank Over Diaspora Shares Auction
Dec. 2017Ethiopia: Court Rules Against Central Bank Over Diaspora Shares Auction
Dec. 2017Court Rules Against Central Bank Over Diaspora Shares Auction
Sept. 2017UNESCO LearningCities2017: Sophia Bekele Spoke on Learning throughout life For Sustainable Development of Cities
Sept. 2017Sophia Bekele, DCA founder, emphasizes role of digital connectivity at UNESCO forum
Aug 2017Barcelona: Special African Women Forum, Nairobi: IGF 2017, Mauritius: Miss.Africa Fund 2018
June 2017.Africa Founder Sophia Bekele Named Industry Trailblazer & Internet Governance Pioneer, by CIO
May 2017CIO EA May Edition 2017 (Page 34 of 44) – Meet Sophia Bekele: “Industry Trailblazer and Internet-Governance Pioneer” also on ISUUU Reader, CIO Page 34-35 CIO EA May Edition 2017
May 2014CIO Names Founder & CEO of DotConnectAfrica Sophia Bekele “Industry Trailblazer and Internet-Governance Pioneer”
March 2017Tracetime: Sophia Bekele on the Scoop
Oct. 2016Sophia Bekele-Eshete: Restructuring Africa’s Social, Political and Economic Landscape
Oct. 2016Expertos analizan en Portugal las oportunidades de inversión en África
Oct. 2016Expertos y políticos resaltan en Portugal el papel económico de África
Sept. 2016The Reporter Ethiopia: Women Who matter – ‘Sophia Bekele The Determined Executive’, in celebration of the Ethiopian New Year 2009 aka. 2016 Civil Calendar
May 2016Q&A: DCA Trust Founder on Status of .Africa & Why Other African gTLDs failed to Go Live!
May 2016#ELLE101: #WomenInBusiness Twitter Chat with Sophia Bekele May 06
Jan 2016Quantum Global Bolstering Thought Leadership Initiative
Jan 2016Sophia Bekele: Connecting Africa, Inspiring Youth
Dec 2015Quantum Global Advisory Board hosts Symposium of Female Entrepreneurism in Africa
June 2015Global Economy Desperately Needs Better Steering on Gender Balance
May 2015Miss Africa: Powering Tech Initiatives For Women In Africa
May 2015Berkeley Haas 2015 Africa Business Forum
May 2015Top ICT DIVA Sophia Bekele Trendsets at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, heralding “Mobile technology is the future of the internet”
May 2015eLearning Africa leapfrogs the shackles of convention
May 2015Africa: The Next Frontier For Mobile Technology
May 2015African leaders need to “leapfrog the shackles of convention” experts say
Mar 2015Paris UNESCO: Sophia Bekele Speaks on Access Divide & Applauds #InternetStudy
Jan 2015Keynote Remarks to Nazareth School from Ms. Sophia Bekele
Dec 2014Africa Women to Watch features Sophia Bekele, Dot Connect Africa founder
Dec 2014From International IT Auditor to Global Entrepreneur Sophia Bekele
Oct 2014Africa, get ready for the scoop! From entertainment superstars like Akon and Jude Law, to entrepreneurs Sophia Bekele and Kris Senanu, business mogul Dr Manu Chandaria, Jeff Koinange
Jun 2014Sophia Bekele aka AddisHilton, gives The SCOOP on her story of Balancing Life & Work and how Change is Controversial
May 2014New York Forum AFRICA 2014: Bekele Moderates a High Level Panel on US/Africa
May 2014New York Forum AFRICA 2014: NYFA TV: Interview with SOPHIA BEKELE
Apr 2014ITU’s Girl’s ICT day 24 April 2014.: Global Economy Desperately Needs Better Steering on Gender Balance
Apr 2014Sophia Bekele named “Top 20 Inspirational African Diaspora Women Professionals in Europe” by (ADIPWE)
Nov 2013Bloomberg TV Features Sophia Bekele Founder and CEO of CBS International and DotConnectAfrica as,”African Women to Watch”
May 2013New African Collector’s Edition names Sophia Bekele amongst 50 Trailblazers under 50 – A future Made in Africa
May 2013Ethiopian Women Unleashed : Sophia Bekele Eshete  Access archive copy here
Nov 2012DotConnectAfrica speaks out on the .dotafrica in an Exclusive Interview
Apr 2012Influential Ethiopian Women – 2011/2012
Mar 2012Governments have no role in managing gTLDs
Dec 2011Scramble for ‘dot africa’ internet domain name
Nov 2011Yes to .AFRICA Lanched by DotConnectAfrica
Nov 2011DotConnectAfrica expresses commitment to work with African ccTLDs
Jun 2011Sophia Bekele, Dot Connect Africa’s start up success
Jun 2011Domain names take centre stage as ICANN meeting hits homestretch
Jun 2011With a domain name, Africa has opportunity to e-brand itself
May 2011Ethiopian Champion of the .Africa initiative
Mar 2011Upper Reach UK Cover DotConnectAfrica
Oct 2011The Munich Conference on New TLDs, How to successfully build a community around your TLD
Dec 2010CONNECTING AFRICA – Towards a Digital Africa, naming her Brains behind .Africa , Page 44
Dec 2010Internet News
Oct 2010Achieving Women : Connecting Africa to the World Web
Sep 2010Can “Africa” get a make-over?
Sep 2010Dot Africa campaign to brand continent
Jun 2010“First International E-governance conference” Tripoli, Libya
May 2010Uniting Africa through IT
Dec 2009DotConnectAfrica Preparing to Launch .Africa
Nov 2009Africa may soon get its own top-level Internet domain
Sep 2007In a world of .com and .org, why not .Africa?
Oct 2007Branding Africa with a new domain
Nov 2007Coverage of SBCNet Projects
Aug 2001Coverage of CBS Projects